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R.E.M. Mixage, Solchi Sperimentali and other news

- Rapid Eye Movement, mixage finito ,and soon out! Here are some sneak peeks from the mixing room:

- Jenni, a short film by Ray Hungria that I scored and sound-designed, will be premièred on July 30th at AMC Theatre, 42nd street, Manhattan.

- Solchi Sperimentali Italia - The Movie is out. It is a movie about the Italian experimental music scene, and there are a lot of us inside. Almost all of us!

- Recordings for the new album are proceeding, this month we record Al The Coordinator's guitars. Al is one of the top Italian guitarists of his generation, and a great friend.

- in the meanwhile, going on with the US and Italian production of Anita Di Laguna.

- Remember that OMAGGIO AL MAESTRO ENNIO MORRICONE is out and available in stores and from several distros in Europe and US. You can find it at Dusty Groove (US) , Norman Records (UK) Juno (UK) and many more, other than Cineploit itself (AU).


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