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 6535 Broadway, #6J

10471 Bronx, New York, NY


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Luigi Porto crafts incredibly striking atmospheres

(Stuart Maconie, BBC)

"Oh my oh my..I've never heard anything like this! it is abstract, hypnotizing, absolutely unique!"

(Angelo Badalamenti)




is the record label he founded in NY in 2021, together with composers Raymond Lustig and Eyal Marcovici.



After having worked in film sound and having signed about 100 films,

he founded RESPIRANO SOUND, a film sound service company

wih headquarters in New York City and Rome,

with a team of great artists professionals.

RESPIRANO SOUND STUDIO has signed the sound for films presented at the most prestigious festivals worldwide, If you're a lover of festival lists:

Cannes, Venezia, Roma, Torino, Locarno, Berlin, Toronto, BAFTA,

Tampa International, Shanghai, Santa Barbara and Academy Awards.






Luigi Porto is a composer, music producer and sound designer.

His musical world spans from rock  to electronics, orchestral and opera.

Luigi has released musical works as Mond (My My After World, 2004) and Appleyard College (Look At Me, 2006) before starting using his own name (Respirano, 2007; Scimmie, 2014; Tell Uric, 2021)

and with Maisie (Balera Metropolitana, 2008; Maledette Rockstar, 2018).

His orchestral and chamber music has been performed worldwide (La Croisette, Carnegie Hall, Stanislavsky Theatre, among others)

also featured in films, documentaries, advertisings, art videos.

He performs live from time to time with backing bands and ensembles.

Otherwise, you may find him at RESPIRANO STUDIO in New York City​.

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