200 Cabrini Boulevard, #51

10033 New York, NY, USA






is the record label he founded in NY in 2021, together with composers Raymond Lustig and Eyal Marcovici.



After having worked in film sound and having signed about 100 films,

he founded RESPIRANO SOUND, a film sound service company

wih headquarters in New York City and Rome,

with the help of a bunch of great professionals.

RESPIRANO SOUND STUDIO has films at basically all festivals worldwide,

Cannes, Venezia, Roma, Torino, Locarno, Berlin, Toronto, BAFTA,

Tampa International, Shanghai, Santa Barbara and Academy Awards among others.





His musical world equally includes art music and popular idioms, often sitting in a border land between them.

Luigi started doing  electro-acoustics in the late 90's, producing albums and playing guitar and keyboards with several bands in Italy, also being composer in residence with some theatre companies.

After appearing in some compilations and split albums, he released music as Mond (My My After World, 2004) and Appleyard College (Look At Me, Cold Current, 2006) before starting using his own name (Respirano, self, 2007; Scimmie, Cineploit, 2014; Tell Uric, Respirano Records/La Lumaca Dischi, 2021)

and with  the Italian band Maisie (Balera Metropolitana, Snowdonia, 2008; Maledette Rockstar, Snowdonia, 2018).

His orchestral and chamber music has been performed worldwide,

also featured in films, documentaries, advertising, art videos.

Luigi currently performs live with his bands based in US and UE.

​You can find him at RESPIRANO STUDIO in New York City​.



Luigi Porto is a composer, music producer, songwriter  and film sound designer.