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Sound Design Lecture at SVA NYC

- I'm featuring on the new DVD Solchi Sperimentali by Antonello Cresti, that already managed to mention Scimmie in his most recent book Solchi Sperimentali Italia.

- A very good short film, Lucky Motel Six, with music and sound design by myself, is being screened November 8th at Cinema Village, NY.

- On Tuesday the 25th I taught a 3-hours lesson in sound design at School of Visual Arts of New York, as a guest lecture of Prof. Edgar David Grana.

- THIS other short art film, screened last month at Anthology Film Archives, is now available online.

- Proceeding with the opera - working title Anita! - and the new album, that will be featuring again musicians from US and Italy.

- Looking forward to the final mix of Peter Bishai's Rapid Eye Movement, one of the most interesting and haunting film sound projects I did so far.

- Cineploit's exposition on Nov 1st in Rome, at Goblin's live show - picture below!

Cineploit's exposition at Goblin live in Roma, Nov 1st, 2016

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