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Man oh man. Never heard anything like it before. You’re doing your thing. It is abstract, hypnotizing, totally unique!” 

Angelo Badalamenti, New Jersey, 2019

This is Ghost Pop!

Alex Wank (Pungent Stench, LAWA, Cineploit), Vienna, 2020

MORNINGSIDE is the single from Luigi Porto's forthcoming album, TELL URIC.

The song features Nefer Linde on vocals, Al the Coordinator on guitar, Mirko Onofrio on saxophone, Takabum brass section and Massimo Palermo on drums.

The videoclip was shot in five different cities (New York, Bruxelles, Stockholm, Rome, Cosenza) and edited by the Italian. video master Giacomo Triglia.

The single is digitally available on all platforms since 10/27.


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