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BLOG ARCHIVE (2012-2014)

Working on Byron Jones

March 2013

The sound design  and editing project for Byron Jones, a great feature art film by Ashish Pant, has just started. The foley was just completed at Come Together Studio LLC in Manhattan: currently editing and designing the sound in  Italy, where the weather is already nice.

The film is a great semi-solo performance by Bill Weeden.

Vinyl release....

April 2013


I'm proud to announce you that I'm working with a Vienna-based label to release my soundtrack to L'apocalisse delle Scimmie. The film by Romano Scavolini, will be screened next year. The album contains selected tracks from the OST I wrote for the film.

The album contains some features by great friends from all over the world, like Carmen D'Onofrio, Abby Powell, Mirko Onofrio, Massimo Palermo, Joao McDowell.

The exclusive artwork is a collection of original works by the Italian pop art maestro Vittorio Bruni (former member of Andy Warhol's "Factory" and co-worker of Charlie Chaplin). 

Stay tuned for forthcoming updates. Next week we will have official news!

March 2013

My multimedia installation QUATTRO TEMPI - TIRRENO INVERNALE has been premiered in Arcavacata, Italy, during the IP "ART OF SOUND - SOUND OF ART"  IIIrd edition.

QUATTRO TEMPI is a series of 4 art installations. TIRRENO INVERNALE is the first one.


A short video document of the event will soon be online on this page.

tirreno invernale
Plastic Flowers: NYC première DVD is ready

January 2013

Plastic Flowers, the chamber opera written by Joao Macdowell and featuring my live electronics/sound design, has been premiered in late 2012 in New York City, with two astonishing performances.

The first, private show was at David Del Tredici's residence in Greenwhich Village. The Pulitzer prize composer invited his best friends and co-workers for the event.

The official première was in midtown Manhattan, at Baruch's Engelman Recital Hall.

The opera features the mezzo soprano Abby Powell and the pianist Han Chen.

I was dealing with organs, synth sounds from the 80's and live surround sound design. Also played some percussions. The live recordings are online and the official DVD is ready to be released by Come Together Music.

L'Apocalisse delle Scimmie on CINEPLOIT​ records

April 2013


CINEPLOIT is the record label from Vienna that will release my new album, the soundtrack to "L'Apocalisse delle Scimmie" along with Snowdonia Dischi who will manage the Italian distribution process.

The album will be available on Vinyl and CD format.

Check the news on the label's website!

After MIFF Awards, YOUNG EUROPE online in Full HD

April 2013


Matteo Vicino's Young Europe, recipient of MIFF Award, premièred at Giffoni Film Festival, after the screening in 80 talian theaters, is finally available online in a full HD version - for FREE!

The film, produced by the Italian Polizia di Stato, was shot in Italy, France, Ireland and Croatia and features a very rich cast.

Just click on the image and enjoy!

TOWN RED is going to CANNES

April 2013


Ryan Geiger's Town Red is going to be screened at Cannes Film Festival, in the Court Métrage section.

It's my 3rd time at Cannes: the first one was in 2008 as a composer with the short film "Dòn", the second time was the special event screening of "Il Mondo Perduto" in 2011.

This is the official Cannes page of the film.

 YOUNG EUROPE on the Italian TV and press

May 2013


Finally back in NYC to do the mixage for Byron Jones and work on some new music. Just left the Young Europe  hype in Italy. The film is still being screened in the  country.   Here are some articles on  La Repubblica , Corriere della Sera , Il Tempo . The button below instead leads to the TV news on SKY Tg 24.


New interview on  FARESPETTACOLO.IT 

May 2013


Chatting - as an Italian New Yorker -  with the entertainment journalist Valentina Vincenzini  about music, films, New York, Italy and stuff on this brand new online magazine.





LESS THAN 5 MINUTES screening at MACRO (Rome) July the 4th

June 2013


Marina Paris and Alberto D'amico's animated art video Less than 5 Minutes will be screened at the Contemporary Art Museum in Rome (MACRO) inside the exposition L'IMMAGINE MUTANTE. That was the first art video that I sound-designed, and won the Special Jury Prize at Laura Film Festival in 2010. If you're in the Capitale during the first week of July, don't miss the kermesse for the schedule is very interesting.






July 2013


Still in New York.


- Just finished writing a chamber lyrical piece on a poem by Andrea Amoroso, written for the powerful voice of  Abby Powell. The piece will be premièred in Manhattan next year.

- Recording the musical guests for the new album. Male choir, soprano and African percussions. 


Next 2 screenings of my works - as a sound designer - will be in Calabria, Italy.

- July 18th, "Byron Jones" European premiere at CINEMA IN CAMPUS, Arcavacata di Rende (CS);

- August 2013 - "Town Red" at Pentedattilo Film Festival.

 YOUNG EUROPE at 70° Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia

August 2013


Young Europe will be screened in August the 31st, 4.00 PM at Cinema Astra - Lido di Venezia, free screening, as a speciale event in the Venice Film Festival. Go if you're there!



October 2013


Back in NYC after 2 months in Italy.

- Recorded male singers from the Soul Sigh Gospel Choir for the new album. Thank you guys. Looking forward to recording the next guests.

- New interview on La voce di New York.

- Preparing the singers auditions @ Come Together Studio (Manhattan) for the NY INTERNATIONAL BRAZILIAN OPERA COMPANY première venue that will take place in the beginning of 2014 at Baruch's Engelman Hall of Manhattan (photo).

- 2 dates in Cosenza (Italy) at Teatro Morelli. December the 4th @ "MORE".; January the 14th @ "Traiettorie nel Multiverso" promoted by Tecne.


- After Cannes, Town Red is going on Cable TV in the USA. Check the official site for news.

- Just finished scoring and sound-designing  (in Rome) the 2 new video art works by Gianluca Colitta, "Frammenti d'Inverno" and "L'abito da Sposa Pelle e Ossa".

- Preparing the sound project for the new film by the great director and friend Ashish Pant.


The Run-O'-The-Mill part I.


Exclusive clip of a home reading of the song "Sanctorum", an extract from the "Run-O'-The-Mill" cycle.

Soprano: Alexandra Filipe Piano: Alyona Aksyonova Cello: James Waldo. Enjoy!


Live acoustic gig, December the 4th @ Teatro Morelli, Cosenza, Italy


If you are in Cosenza next Wednesday, December the 4th, you are welcome to my first public appearance with the brand new band, in an intimate acoustic gig. Stefano Amato (cello) Aldo D'Orrico (guitar) and Erica Gagliardi (vocalist) are joining me in this new adventure, with the great help of Alberto La Riccia of Echo Mobile Studio doing special sound engineering.  There will be some old and new songwriting, plus an anticipation from the forthcoming OST album "Scimmie" published by Cineploit Records. The show is a double/split show with the songwriter Elmore Penoise from Reggio Calabria. Tickets 5€, with an aperitivo included! I strongly suggest you to buy tickets online if you want a seat. See you there!


Launching our new Opera Company with a scene from my forthcoming opera "ANITA!"


We are officially launching the kickstarter campaign for building our brand new Opera Company based in New York City. The première will take place March 7th and 8th in Manhattan.


There will be a concert/semi-staged performance of the aria "Provvisorietà/Provisoriedade" from my forthcoming opera "ANITA!" in Italian and Portuguese. The libretto is by the Italian poet Andrea Amoroso.

Go to the Kickstarter page project for more infos.


iBOC PRESENTS successfully funded, ANITA! on the Italian press


Thanks to all the backers, iBOC PRESENTS, the official première of the three new operas by International Brazilian Opera Company, was funded. The kickstarter campaign reached the goal of $ 8000 and went $ 1000 above! Now we are preparing the show, which will take place MArch 7th and 8th, 2014, in Manhattan.


In the meanwhile, my opera ANITA! is gathering interest in the Italian press. Today the news are on Yahoo! Cinema and ADNKronos. Here is the link.




I am  proud to announce that the ticket sale page for the concerts of March 7th and 8th "iBOC Presents"  - where a scene from my forthcoming opera will be premièred - is ready on Peatix. 

The event will take place in midtown Manhattan. 

You can book your ticket online. See you there!


In the meanwhile, I am working on Scimmie vol.1. There will be soon important updates.

ANITA! and iBOC première: success!


Thanks to everybody for coming to the two iBOC PRESENTS nights. We premièred ANITA! there, with a 15-mins extract in recital form. The event took place in Manhattan, march 7th and 8th, 2014.


Now we move forward to produce the whole opera, hopefully touring in US, Italy and Brazil in 2015. The stage director is Natale Filice, the libretto was written by Andrea Amoroso, and the film director Gianluca Colitta is taking care of the multimedia content.



MAY 2014


- NYC: The CD/DVD of the iBOC première will be soon out of the mixing process.


- In the meanwhile, three songs from my song cycle The Run-O'-The-Mill were premièred at the Listen Closely music series in Inwood, Manhattan. The recording of the night are uploaded in the MUSIC section.


- Brazil: Joao Macdowell's Plastic Flowers will be staged in Rio de Janeiro in August, with my sound design.


- Italia: SCIMMIE VOL.1 is going to be mixed at Echo Mobile Studio in Bisignano (CS). The official release date is near. 






Here is the first teaser to the forthcoming "Scimmie vol.1" (Cineploit Records, distributed by Snowdonia Dischi). Enjoy.

We are currently at the mastering stage. The album will be released in late August in Europe, and in the US starting from October.


In the meanwhile, I've been busy working on the recordings/sound design/additional arrangements for some music cues for the World Cup shows at ESPN USA.


I am currently in Italy, working on the sound of two feature films, one Italian and one Brazilian. The films are called Scale Model, with the 4-hands directing of Fabrizio Nucci and Nicola Rovito, and Uma Casa Brasileira by Marcio B. Venturi.








Second teaser to the album. The title has lost the "vol.1" on its path.

The official release date is SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2014.


For more informations








3rd and last tteaser to the album! Out now on Cineploit Records. Italian distribution is handled by Snowdonia Dischi.





For more informations:

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