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Recording sound on adventurous, extreme or traveling sets has been one of my big crushes. 

I mainly do it when it's dangerous and challenging, especially if it involves nature, with a few small exceptions.

There I also collect sounds for my custom built catalogue.

 I worked in all kind of commercials, TV, ENG and events, as well as documentaries and films in all 5 continents.

My gear list is especially suited for traveling documentaries, especially extreme shootings or difficult conditions. I am able to operate well in extremely long distances, hard weather conditions, extremely noisy or windy environments, physically challenging shootings (including climbing, swimming, hiking).


Gear list below the pictures!

Beach and cliffs


Rainforest atmosphere recording

Boat in Maui, Hawaii

With Nicole Kidman at Four Seasons Hotel, NY

Basketball court FX recoding in Letterkenny, Ireland

Times Square, NY Surround Soundscape

Polignano a Mare, Italy, by the cliff

In the court. Paris, France


Among rattlesnakes in the Great Plains, South Dakota

Period short film in Macclesfield, UK

Rome, ext. night


Football field sound


Sound Devices 633

Sound Devices 788

Zoom F8

Lectrosonics SRC receivers

Lectrosonics SMQV 200mw transmitters

Sennheiser G3 backup kits

Sanken COS-11 capsules

Sennheiser MKE2 capsules

Sanken CS3 shotgun (the most suited for difficult or noisy outdoors)

Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun

Sennheiser MKE600 on-camera shotgun (battery-operated)

Audio-Technica 4053 cardioid

Denecke TC system

Ambient TC system

Tentacle TC system (for reflex and mirrorless cams)

3-backups battery systems (48 straight hours of stamina without charging)

Comtek communication system

All accessories, including several lav miking systems, wind protections, internal cable boom poles, stands.

Waiting for the forest train in Italy

On the streets of Paris, France

Countryside in Ireland

Old car engine and movements, Lazio , Italy

Footsteps on ice, Lake George, USA

In an helicopter over the Pacific


In the world's driest place in Death Valley, NV


Climbing a very unstable rock, California

Open helicopter over Las Vegas, NV


Highway in the desert, California

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