Recording sound on set means having control over the sound development from the very beginning. When I handle both production and post, I build the film from scratch sound wise.

I've had the good luck to record all kind of sounds in several parts of the worlds, therefore my sound catalogue is  custom built.


When I work on set I always privileged documentaries and art films, in general adventurous and challenging situations.

Recording Nicole Kidman at Four Seasons Hotel, NY

Times Square, NY Surround Soundscape

Old car engine and movements, Lazio , Italy

Footsteps on ice, Lake George, USA

Basketball court FX recoding in Letterkenny, Ireland

Polignano a Mare, Italy, by the cliff

Countryside in Ireland

In the court. Paris, France

Waiting for the forest train in Italy

On the streets of Paris, France

Period short film in Macclesfield, UK

Rome, ext. night


Among rattlesnakes in the Great Plains, South Dakota