APRIL 7TH The Run-O'-The-Mill at OTONAL NYC, Opera America, New York. Alexandra Linde soprano Aileen Gozali piano Ken Kubota cello Tickets: APRIL 8TH - The Run-O'-The-Mill at LISTEN CLOSELY RETROSPECTIVE, Morphy Recital Hall, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Ariadne Greif soprano Alyona Aksyonova Waldo piano James Waldo cello MAY 15TH The Run-O'-The-Mill and Two Venoms at IBOC PRESENTS, OUR LADY OF POMPEII, NEW YORK OCTOBER 2019 (date TBD): Anita Di Laguna (Concert Première), NYC NOVEMBER 3, 2019 - Anita Di Laguna Suite (Première) performed at Teatro Comunale di Sanremo, commissioned by Orchestra di Sanremo March 3rd, 2020 - Anita Di Laguna Suite at Carneg

ARBËRIA in theaters now

- ARBËRIA, for which I wrote the original score and did the sound design, is in a theater near you in Italy. It is the first film shot in Arbëreshë language, a very specific dialect of Albanian origins spoken in some territories in south Italy where the Albanians moved in the middle ages, and whose traditions still survive. The première on March 25th in Rende, CS, sold 960 tickets for one night only. - The Run O'The Mill will be performed April 7th at Opera America, NY, with Alexandra Linde (Soprano) Aileen Gozali (Piano) Ken Kubota (Cello) during the first OTONAL concert, an evening of new music made in NYC. Tickets here. Then, the day after, April 8th, it will be performed at University of